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Common Rail Diesel Testing & Repair specialists

Diesel Pumps

Common Rail and Inline Diesel Pump Services

Are you having a problem with your diesel car that other garages are having difficulties diagnosing?

Here at Jacksons Diesel Centre we have highly qualified Delphi trained technicians who enjoy finding and fixing problems that other garages often struggle with.

Testing for inline pumps and common rail high pressure pumps can be carried out, Please call for the latest pricing.

We also clean, refurbish and test all types of diesel pumps including full rebuilds.
When you send your Pumps into us they will be tested & repaired as follows:

1) The Pumps are disassembled
2) All parts are washed in a Ultrasonic bath
3) All parts are thoroughly inspected
4) All worn / damaged parts are replaced to OE specification
5) Pumps are reassembled, calibrated and tested for accuracy

• Delphi Pumps • Bosch Pumps • Cummins Pumps • Denso Pumps • Siemens Pumps

We offer a mail order repair service. Please download a works authorisation form and enclose it with your pump(s) for testing. Please ensure that all pumps are drained of fuel and placed securely in sealed plastic bags.