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DPF Regeneration & Replacement

So you're having issues with your lovely new diesel car? The main dealer is saying itís your fault because you only drive short journeys and therefor itís no longer covered under warranty? Stuck facing a bill of thousands...

Well Jacksons Diesel Centre can help! We offer a wide range of options from the diagnostics and manual regeneration, top up of urea fluids and even down to removal and deletion from the ecu software meaning you can drive happily ever after without the loss of power, the dashboard warning light illuminating and expensive repair bills.

DPF's are fitted to to all modern diesel cars, for the Euro 5 standard, it's designed to reduce pollution and if used in the right conditions of driving then this can work effectively, as in long motorway journeys at varied speeds over 45mph.

Once the DPF becomes blocked, then normally you would have to replace this at a vast expense, and if you continue to drive short journeys etc then you run the risk of this happening again.

Once we have removed the DPF and Deletion the software has been carried out any related warning lights will disappear and regenerations will cease completely, you will benefit from increase fuel consumption as thirsty regenerations will no longer occur.