As one of the largest diesel car service stations in Northampton and its surrounding areas, Jacksons Diesel Centre has earned an enviable reputation for the highest quality of service at the lowest possible costs.

Diesel car owners know how minutely they need to monitor and service their cars to get the best performance out of it. That is what we specialise in. Our expertise lies in diagnosing and fixing the core components of diesel cars.

We have been in operation for nearly three decades, gaining invaluable experience and a loyal clientele in the process. There are 3 essentials aspects of our services.

Repairs and replacements

We have expert technicians who can diagnose and fix any issues you might be facing with your car. From DPF regeneration to injector pulling, our technicians have the necessary expertise to fix everything.

We use the latest equipment and OE grade spare components for repair and replacement purposes. The requirements of a diesel engine are particular, and we cater to it accordingly. The replacement components that we use come from reputable manufacturers like Delphi, Denso, Siemens, and Bosch.

The parts that we repair and replace include injectors, diesel pumps, DPF, and inline pumps to name a few. These repairs and replacements are done at the lowest price you’ll get anywhere in or around Northampton.


We also perform general servicing of vehicles. You may avail our interim service at an interval of 6 months and our full service once every year.

Our interim service includes checking the condition of engine oil and all the necessary filters. We will replace them as necessary.

The full-service package at Jacksons Diesel Centre is an all-encompassing servicing routine that thoroughly checks the condition of almost every component of your car and fixes whatever is necessary.

It is critical that you avail these services to keep your car running without any troubles. They are priced extremely competitively so that you don’t have to think twice before taking these essential services for your vehicle. Our interim and full-service packages are priced at £60 and £140 respectively.


We are also authorised to perform Class 4, 5 and 7 MOT tests. We have 4 bays at our workshop dedicated to that purpose. Our MOT service is quick, effective and easy on the pockets. We perform MOT on private cars, taxis, ambulances, LPG vehicles as well as prestige cars.

In essence, Jacksons Diesel Centre is your one-stop destination for any issue related to diesel cars. We specialise in it with aplomb and precision expertise to guarantee you optimal care and maintenance of your car.

Visit us on any business day and experience what superior car services feel like!

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