Modern vehicles come pre-fit with multiple electronic systems and sub-systems most of which are controlled by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The term OBD or On-Board Diagnostics is a blanket term referring to all the diagnostics carried out in a vehicle. The most complicated one is the engine diagnostics.

At our facility, Jacksons Diesel Centre, we specialise in engine diagnostics at Northampton. Such diagnostics testing reveal underlying issues within the vehicle’s automated systems and our technicians carry out the necessary repairs and, if necessary, replacements as per prognosis and requirements.

Diagnostics at Jacksons Diesel Centre

Our technicians often note how most car owners are oblivious to any faults until the ‘Check Engine’ light illuminates. The ECU immediately sends out an SOS in the form of an error code.

Note that the ECU constantly monitors various aspects of your car, with the help of real-time data from multiple on-component sensors. If there are errors- ranging from heightened engine temperature, low fluid levels or snagged wires- the ECU issues an error code. Our technicians can decipher the code and attend to the associated parts.

It must be kept in mind that such errors are not faults per se. They merely correspond to the areas where a fault has occurred. Consequently, an ECU can churn out hundreds of error codes.

Our services of engine diagnostics at Northampton can rule out the unnecessary ones and focus on areas easily compromised.

Usage of technology is our forte

At our facility, we use an advanced form of diagnostic equipment at par with the best in the market. Using hand-held devices, we plug into the ECU and read out the error codes. Since there are hundreds of possible explanations for each code generated, we are able to pinpoint the problematic area and address it accordingly.

Some of the most common error codes are:

  1. P03xx: Indicates engine and ignition malfunction.
  2. P04xx: Faults in ancillary electrical systems.
  3. P07xx: Exhaust malfunctions.

Our services

At Jacksons Diesel Centre, we use a rugged set of hand-held tools to read the error codes. Using advanced technologies, we can:

  1. Tap into advanced diagnostics sub-sets.
  2. Access ancillary services like ABS and SRS.
  3. Monitor engine parameters in real-time.

We also use mobile device-based software to analyse OBD II data. Such data usually fetches error codes, if any, and we log them into our computers via a USB port or Bluetooth.

Using sophisticated interfaces like STN or ELM (ELM327 being the latest version), we can diagnose what happened and set in motion rectifications.

Emissions testing

Too much smoke is indicative of a faulty emissions control system and calls for an exhaust replacement. While it is not mandatory to check emissions in the UK under the EOBD tests, we do it nevertheless.


Our engine diagnostic in Northampton service also takes adequate care of vehicle telematics. Using ground-breaking techniques, we can advise you on how to become a safer, effective and more efficient driver. We can decrease idling times and prevent over-revving of the engine.

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