Are you experiencing trouble with your car’s fuel injectors or pumps but do not have enough time to visit our auto garage? There’s good news for you. Jacksons Diesel Centre offers a collection and delivery service within a specified distance for these parts.

The injector and fuel pump are two crucial components responsible for the delivery of fuel to the combustion chamber of your engine. Generally, these parts are quite sturdy and function smoothly. However, the high heat and pressure will take their toll on the components over time and cause wear, deteriorating your car’s performance and causing irreparable damage to the engine.

Issues with these components are serious and require professional expertise for diagnosis. Sometimes these parts are damaged beyond repair, and there’s no other option but to replace them. That is where Jacksons Diesel Centre comes to the scene.

Collection and delivery

We understand that it’s difficult to find the time to visit a garage. That’s the reason we have introduced our local collection and delivery service. Just give us a call and fix a time of your convenience.

We provide this service for injectors and fuel pumps in Northampton only.

Our representatives will reach your place of choice to collect the said parts and bring it back to our garage for inspection and repairing.

Post repair, we will deliver the parts back to your place of choice. Our pickup and delivery services are entirely free of charge.

Postal delivery

Additionally, we also have a postal repair service in place for fuel pumps and injectors in Northampton. It’s simple, saves time and a whole lot of hassle. Just download a works authorisation form available on our website. Fill it with all the necessary details. Enclose it along with the component and send it to our address via insured postage.

We will look into the part, do the necessary repairs and send it back to your address promptly. It may be noted here that the standard courier rates apply for the delivery of your component.

You may find the necessary instructions to remove these parts from your car in your service manual. Pay close attention to what it says and follow the instructions minutely. It requires a moderate understanding of automobiles. If you are a complete novice, it’s better that you do not tinker with these parts as they are connected to the engine and you may do more harm than good if you try to remove it without any understanding of the components.

Both of these services have revolutionised the way people view car repair. You don’t have to worry about finding an hour or two in your busy schedule to accommodate your car repair. The areas that we cover currently are:

  1. Northampton
  2. Daventry
  3. Kettering
  4. Wellingborough
  5. Rushden
  6. Earls Barton
  7. Towcester

If you are a motorist in these areas, you can avail our free collection and delivery services for fuel pumps and injectors in Northampton and the other areas mentioned above.. Call us today to book an appointment.

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