Diesel Pumps

Jacksons Diesel Centre is a leading servicing garage of diesel pumps. A diesel pump, more commonly known as a diesel fuel injection pump, is a very complicated piece of equipment which gets corroded or damaged over time and requires straight-up replacements.

Replacement diesel pumps in Northampton are among the most commonly availed services by diesel car owners in and around the area. It requires professional technicians and expert service to diagnose and fix.

A diesel pump literally ‘pumps’ the fuel from the reservoir to the carburettor. Incidentally, both diesel and petrol engines need a fuel pump. However, diesel pump repairs are more common because diesel itself is a heavier and more viscous fluid, and the air/fuel mixture needed to run the car has to be entirely in proportion.

There is also another reason why diesel pumps are more complicated than petrol engine fuel pumps. In petrol engines, the fuel mixture is ignited by a spark. In diesel engines, however, compressed air creates heat and ignites the fuel mixture. That is because petrol is more volatile.

Why do diesel pumps malfunction?

There are 4 primary reasons why such pumps malfunction.

  1. Usage of dirty fuel: At times, fuel pumps get damaged due to the usage of dirty fuel. Dirty fuel creates a lot of grime and grease over time, which then clogs up the entire fuel injection system. A sputtering engine is often an indication of a clogging diesel pump. Ever since Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel was introduced back in 2006, diesel pump repairs in Northampton have become more common.
  2. Low fuel tank levels: The lower the fuel levels get, the worse it is for your car’s diesel pump. A high level of fuel in storage delivers the proper level of lubrication. When fuel levels are low, air starts to accumulate over the diesel and is pumped into the engine instead of diesel. That damages the diesel pump.
  3. Presence of dust and debris: Diesel pumps are highly sensitive to damages; even low levels of dirt and debris can be detrimental. Even minuscule objects can prevent the complete closure of fuel injectors, resulting in long-time damage.
  4. Defective injector timing: A fuel injector has parts like O-rings and fuel seats. Diesel pump repairs in Northampton must also ensure these parts are cleaned and maintained correctly. Usually, such defects mean that a fuel injector setup has to either be replaced or rebuilt.

How can we help you?

Jacksons Diesel Centre uses the latest technologies to ensure that all your diesel pump repairs in Northampton are taken care of in a proper and timely manner. Our service centre has multiple service bays to assure that a large number of vehicles can be serviced simultaneously. We deal in the best brands available in the market and also provide advice on future courses of action for your vehicle’s enhanced performance.

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