Has an "orange" sign with a piped box that has dots in the "middle" appeared on the dashboard of your vehicle? The orange sign appears to inform you of a blocked DPF filter.

But what if it is a false alarm? Can you ever be sure? Look for indicators like loss of power, reduced fuel economy, poor throttle response, limp mode, and (most commonly) bad smell.

If the appearance of the orange sign is followed by the above-mentioned indicators, then be sure that the DPF filter of your vehicle is blocked. Is there a solution to this problem?

Of course, there is! Visit our garage at Jacksons Diesel Centre.

What do we offer? The best DPF services!

Our team of technicians, at Jacksons Diesel Centre, is highly-skilled to provide sustainable DPF Cleaning Northampton. Since the cost of replacing a DPF filter is too high, our objective is to efficiently clean it.

We will either heat the soot that is accumulated in the filter to burn it. Or we will use cleaning fluid to drain out the clogged soot. Whichever it might be, we assure high-quality services and (most importantly) your satisfaction.

Vehicle-owners must note that if the DPF filter is not cleaned on time, it can lead to

1. Loss of power

2. Poor fuel economy

3. Failure in automatic start system

4. Cooling fans running more than required

If the DPF filter even necessary?

Yes, it is. A big yes! Why?

It is because the DPF filter is responsible for capturing and storing harmful exhaust emissions. Without a diesel particulate filter (DPF), your car will be dangerous to the environment.

That is why the DPF filter is compulsorily required to pass the MOT test. Moreover, going a step further, it is illegal to remove the DPF filter.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary fines, we suggest you visit our garage. Our team is always available to provide substantial advice to our customers.

However, what causes DPF failure?

One question that must be addressed is- what causes DPF failure? Below are some common reasons for DPF failure:

Short journeys (engine needs to reach a required temperature for the DPF filter to operate)

1. Clogged EGR valve

2. Faulty fuel injectors

3. Incorrect engine oil

Is it possible for a normal motorist to avoid all this and take care of the DPF filter on his/her own? If you face any difficulties while taking care of your vehicle, our team at Jacksons Diesel Centre& is always at your disposal.

Be the early-bird. Book online for expert testing and diagnostics, today!