Modern cars come with an onboard computer which monitors the majority of its operations. It is called the Engine Control Unit or ECU. At times, however, an engine remapping service is needed for optimal performance and output. That is where our mapping services at Jacksons Diesel Centre come in.

Our technicians are qualified to handle every type of ECU and are comfortable when working with the most sophisticated and latest software. Engine mapping in Northampton is more comfortable thanks to our services. Remapping helps in increasing fuel efficiency while improving power delivery and drivability.

Why consider engine remapping?

Almost all turbocharged vehicles have an ECU, while most modern passenger cars also have such a unit. Remapping is the simplest form of engine tuning and only has one stage. Usually, two companies- Bosch and Delphi- supply such ECUs, and our technicians can handle either.

Engine mapping in Northampton can help you in the following ways:

  1. Extracting remarkable performance: Most major automobile manufacturers design identical engine blocks but use differing ECUs to achieve various power levels. We help you unlock the ECU using the Onboard Diagnostics Port or OBD. We use specialised software to produce the desired results.
  2. Optimising your car for city or off-road driving: Engine mapping in Northampton and other places can alter pre-set parameters like fuel injection rate, fuel pump ratio, emissions and overall fuel consumption. We fine-tune the engine depending on your requirements; whether you use it for driving around the city or on rough roads.
  3. Reducing oil change intervals: Experts recommend that oil changes must be deferred after every engine remapping session. Since synthetic oil is the chosen one for most car owners, engine remapping thus cuts down on cost.
  4. Increasing power output: Your car will have better performance thanks to a enhanced power delivery ratio. That way, your ‘standard’ car can quickly achieve the desired air-power ratio and delivering a better compression ratio. Even ram-air intake can be increased.

How can we help you?

Jacksons Diesel Centre has some of the best technicians in this business. Whenever you bring your car to our facility, we assure you of the following services:

  1. Guaranteed and on-time vehicle delivery
  2. Usage of the most sophisticated technology to prevent any ECU malfunction
  3. Better control of the firmware on which the ECU is based

Remapping is a complicated and challenging procedure and is not to be taken lightly. Engine mapping garages in Northampton are a messy affair thanks to the lack of competent service technicians. But with Jacksons Diesel Centre, you are sure to have a better experience as well as results. Feel free to call our customer care executives on 01604 750222. Better yet, you can book an appointment with us online to jump the queue!

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