Servicing & Repairs

Timely and adequate servicing is mandatory for any car to perform at its optimum. Since Jacksons Diesel Centre burst into the scene, that hasn’t been an issue for the motorists of Northampton and its adjoining areas.

Our team of expert technicians has a combined experience of several decades in servicing and repairing cars of all types. Our servicing packages are comprehensive, efficient and affordable. Rest assured, you won’t find the same quality of services at our price points at any other garage.

At our garage, you may avail one of the following two types of car service.

Interim service

It’s an essential service that experts recommend you take at the interval of 6 months or 6,000-7,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. This service encompasses the inspection of engine oil and oil filter. If we find that the condition or level of engine oil is too low or it appears to be contaminated, we will replace it with a fresh batch.

The fuel filter also gets contaminated with regular usage, which ultimately affects the performance of your engine and reduces the fuel economy of your car drastically. It’s essential to replace the filter when that happens.

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Full service

It is paramount to perform a full service of your car at least once every year. It keeps the car’s engine and other critical components in check and functioning optimally. Our full-service package includes the inspection and repairing of almost every major part of a vehicle such as its engine, transmission, tyres, windshield, essential fluids, and exhaust system to name a few.

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Our experienced technicians will inspect the condition of all these parts and replace or repair whichever is necessary. They have the requisite technical know-how to perform car repair in Northampton precisely.

We use only the best components from reputed international brands for replacement purposes. Some of the brands that we stock at our garage include Bosch, Siemens, Delphi and Cummins. These brands are known to produce OE grade parts for the best performance of any car.

Both these services are available not only for standard passenger cars but a host of other vehicles such as ambulances, heritage vehicles, and cabs.

Avail class leading car service at the best prices

Jacksons Diesel Centre is considered the most reliable car service garage in Northampton by a significant margin. Since we are an integrated MOT test centre, we perform pre and post-MOT repairs and services as well.

Do not ignore the servicing requirements of your car any further. Bring it in today to avail the benefits that a well-serviced car entails. We are open on all working days. It’s recommended that you book your slot beforehand by calling us or booking online for the best experience.

Be the early-bird. Book online for expert testing and diagnostics, today!